NEPA Engagement | Union Dale, PA {Brynna & Brent}

These two have quite the love story! They met in Alaska getting ready for a wedding they were both standing up in {Brynna was the maid of honor; Brent was the best man}, and when Brent got off the plane and saw Brynna waiting, it was pretty much love at first sight. These two worked side by side for a week finishing the wedding details when the bride got sick, and during that time together, they decided to start dating as well. There was one BIG problem…Brynna was leaving for Mexico in two weeks to live and teach for two years. So, they ended things while Brynna was out of the country to allow her to better adjust to the culture and life in Mexico and focus on relationships and teaching there. And Brent, every now and again, emailed her, found out how she was doing, prayed for her, and thought about her…A LOT! Brynna, not wanting to give false hope, carried on with life in Mexico, compared guys she dated to Brent, and emailed him back, every now and again. Fast forward 3 1/2 years, with Brynna back in the country and living and working out of state. Brent asked if they could meet up over Christmas, have coffee, and chat (well, something like that). And…to make a long and very interesting story short, they met up, still had feelings for each other, and started dating again {insert cheering, here!}. They got engaged on Memorial Day and are getting married Labor Day weekend, with only a few months to plan, but a lifetime to love! It’s a sweet, but complicated love story, and to make it even better, as Brynna’s mom, I got to capture this love in pictures. We decided on a “travel” theme, since much of B & B’s story revolves around travel, and we are so thankful that God brought them around the world and back together again! And…btw…B & B found out they were raised only 45 minutes away from each other when they met in Alaska!  {“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.} Isaiah 55:8engagement session-7engagement session-9engagement session-10engagement session-11engagement session-14engagement session-16engagement session-21engagement session-22engagement session-23engagement session-25engagement session-27engagement session-28engagement session-30engagement session-32engagement session-33engagement session-40engagement session-41engagement session-42engagement session-43engagement session-45engagement session-46engagement session-1-2engagement session-3-2engagement session-4-2


NEPA Wedding at Shadowbrook {Brittney+Sean}

What do mini golf, the number 12, a golf resort, and a wedding have in common? When your first date, your engagement, and also your wedding are on the 12th of different months, and you love mini golf…you book a golf resort and have a fun wedding combining them all!

We had an exciting day with Brittney and Sean, although we had to avoid golfers and high wind incidents where the bride could have gotten injured by a flying pool umbrella (all the more memorable?). But Shadowbrook Resort helped tell the story of their time together, and was the perfect setting for their special day pledging themselves to each other as husband and wife. From taking photos on the mini golf course, to Sean chasing Brittney in the golf cart, to the table decorations, made by the bride, which were both beautiful and… golf-y, to the unusual cake (their favorite, a big brownie), we loved capturing images of this couple and who they are. And who they are together is just right!wedding photography2wedding photographywedding photography56wedding photographywedding photographywedding photographywedding photographywedding photographywedding photography13141516171820wedding photography


NEPA Engagement {Alyson+Jimmy}

After a bit of a crazy start with trying to set up an engagement shoot, we met Alyson and Jimmy at Ricketts Glen, a beautiful park with waterfalls, bridges, and rock steps. Alyson hikes at the park and suggested it as a setting, and it was perfect! It was also a warm, sunny day in NEPA (and we had not had many of those yet this spring), so that made it even better.

Engagement shoots are fun because we have a more relaxed setting to get to know the bride and groom before their wedding and find out what makes them special as a couple. That helps all of us on their wedding day! So we laughed, had fun, got to know each other a bit, and we are really looking forward to photographing Alyson and Jimmy on their wedding day!

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Snow, snow, snow!

I love a good snowstorm over the holidays (once all the kids have safely driven/flown back home). But right before Christmas in NEPA, it warmed up and our snow melted. We got an unexpected few inches of snow one day…with huge flakes coming down…so I asked my family to bundle up and go outside so I could do a “snow shoot.”  My little grand baby from a warmer climate was not very happy about the cold, but I got some awesome pictures of him anyway. I also got one of my favorite pictures ever of our family. So, the next time it snows, grab your camera, bundle up your family, and shoot some pictures. You will be glad you did!



My favorite season is autumn…picking apples and making applesauce, decorating with pumpkins, enjoying bonfires, and crisp, cool air! Here in NEPA we sure had a beautiful, unusually warm fall this year. The colors were gorgeous, the temperatures summer-like, and the landscapes thoroughly picture-worthy.  But taking photos of sweet families with the yellows, oranges, and reds as a backdrop was even better. “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”  (L.M. MontgomeryAnne of Green Gables)  ImageImageImageImage

Fall Day in NEPA

We were blessed this autumn with many weeks of beautiful foliage to use as backdrops for our photo shoots. During one of these weeks, I had the privilege of photographing the Hanna family. Even though some of the family members were not thrilled to be having their picture taken, they were good sports and “took one for the team”!   Mom was very happy to have some recent photos to put up on her wall, everyone survived, and I am sure they had more fun than they originally planned. That’s what their pictures seem to say. Don’t you agree?ImageImageImage

Makaela Joy

I did a senior shoot in February…very, very cold month to do an outdoor shoot here in NEPA, but Makaela was waiting for her braces to come off, so we knew we’d be doing one in the winter.  Yes, we froze (my fingers were numb, but at least I had my coat on)!  She didn’t wear a coat, and the wind was a little bitter.  So, I snapped shots as quickly as possible, we’d get in the car to warm up, and then repeat.  And, we stopped for a hot drink at Starbucks, a place she loves, when we were almost done.  You were a great sport, Makaela, and the beautiful winter lighting was perfect for your pics!ImageImageImage