Newborn Session | Baby Autumn

This sweet family, who has gone through some difficult times with some health issues, kindly welcomed me into their home to move their furniture around, bribe their kiddos to sit where I wanted them to, and worried about their tiny baby girl who suddenly didn’t want to sleep for hours (yes, it happens all the time in newborn shoots). Fortunately they like to read stories together, so we got the busy little guy interested and ‘in’ the shots at least, and got some beautiful and realistic images of them as a family, doing what they like to do.

At the end of the day, it is delightful to see the images that we, as photographers, are able to capture, to remember the people and stories behind them, and to forget about all the hard lighting, the bribing, and the fast thinking that it took to get those images. But most of all, it is gratifying to know that this family will enjoy the story of their busy, crazy, but blessed lives at this moment in time.   newborn session_autumn-1newborn session_autumn-2newborn session_autumn-3newborn session_autumn-4newborn session_autumn-4bnewborn session_autumn-5newborn session_autumn-5bnewborn session_autumn-6newborn session_autumn-6-3newborn session_autumn-7newborn session_autumn-8newborn session_autumn-9newborn session_autumn-11newborn session_autumn-12anewborn session_autumn-12bnewborn session_autumn-13newborn session_autumn-14


NEPA Engagement | Union Dale, PA {Brynna & Brent}

These two have quite the love story! They met in Alaska getting ready for a wedding they were both standing up in {Brynna was the maid of honor; Brent was the best man}, and when Brent got off the plane and saw Brynna waiting, it was pretty much love at first sight. These two worked side by side for a week finishing the wedding details when the bride got sick, and during that time together, they decided to start dating as well. There was one BIG problem…Brynna was leaving for Mexico in two weeks to live and teach for two years. So, they ended things while Brynna was out of the country to allow her to better adjust to the culture and life in Mexico and focus on relationships and teaching there. And Brent, every now and again, emailed her, found out how she was doing, prayed for her, and thought about her…A LOT! Brynna, not wanting to give false hope, carried on with life in Mexico, compared guys she dated to Brent, and emailed him back, every now and again. Fast forward 3 1/2 years, with Brynna back in the country and living and working out of state. Brent asked if they could meet up over Christmas, have coffee, and chat (well, something like that). And…to make a long and very interesting story short, they met up, still had feelings for each other, and started dating again {insert cheering, here!}. They got engaged on Memorial Day and are getting married Labor Day weekend, with only a few months to plan, but a lifetime to love! It’s a sweet, but complicated love story, and to make it even better, as Brynna’s mom, I got to capture this love in pictures. We decided on a “travel” theme, since much of B & B’s story revolves around travel, and we are so thankful that God brought them around the world and back together again! And…btw…B & B found out they were raised only 45 minutes away from each other when they met in Alaska!  {“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.} Isaiah 55:8engagement session-7engagement session-9engagement session-10engagement session-11engagement session-14engagement session-16engagement session-21engagement session-22engagement session-23engagement session-25engagement session-27engagement session-28engagement session-30engagement session-32engagement session-33engagement session-40engagement session-41engagement session-42engagement session-43engagement session-45engagement session-46engagement session-1-2engagement session-3-2engagement session-4-2

Editing Images with Pretty Presets

As a photographer…as a human…choices are endless, right?!  Just look at how many coffee drinks you can pick from! Emails and ads giving you choices, asking you to buy products, and telling you what you “need” are endless! And things on your to do list “seem” endless {hey, I need a coffee!} So, in the editing process, finding something that helps cut down on my time in front of the computer, making this perfectionist photog more effective, and giving me the look I want for my images is a time-saver and something I want to share! I use the editing program, Lightroom, which I love as a wedding photog editing lots of images. And I also love Pretty Presets {take a look}. These basically are collections of “adjustments” that you add to your images to get the look you want. So instead of manually making adjustments to every image, I hover over a “preset”, see the adjustments it would make, and then apply it to an image {or 20, at once!}. I love Pretty Presets and have some favorites I use to get my own look. I don’t use every preset in every collection–in fact, I probably only have 2-3 presets I use from each collection that give me the look I want, but it is a great time-saver and I love them and encourage you to give them a try. So…do I want to make every change manually? brightness/contrast/bring up highlights/increase blacks/sharpen? or do I want to pick a favorite preset, apply to my images and then tweak if needed? Take a look to see some of the BEFORE and AFTER images below using some of my favorite Pretty Presets {disclaimer–getting your manual settings right “in camera” makes for much easier editing and use of presets}: presets used include golden age/sassy/tutti fruity/all in one cleaner/boho chic/sherbet-from different collectionspretty presets (1)pretty presets (1)bpretty presets (2)pretty presets (2)bpretty presets (3)pretty presets (3)bpretty presets (4)pretty presets (4)bpretty presets (5)pretty presets (5)bpretty presets (6)pretty presets (6)bpretty presets (7)pretty presets (7)b

NEPA Engagement at Lake Scranton {Natalie+Bill}

Add an adorable, fluff-ball golden-doodle, surprisingly well-behaved, to an engagement shoot and that adds up to some great images and a lot of fun! Our engagement session at Lake Scranton with Natalie and Bill, who came with “Dunkin” (the puppy) and lots of props to use was an adventure in itself, because we did not know a few minor details about the area until we got there. But everyone being good sports, we went ahead, shot lots of pictures, got lots of bug bites, and had a great time at a beautiful location! Looking forward to shooting your wedding, and wishing you guys all the best as you finish up the details (that Natalie has mostly finished!). And…a shout out to Natalie’s dad–because when you are “puppy-sitting”–you have time to look around and think of some more fun shots to end the session with, LOL.engagement session_lake scranton-1engagement session_lake scranton-2engagement session_lake scranton-3engagement session_lake scranton-5engagement session_lake scranton-6engagement session_lake scranton-7engagement session_lake scranton-8engagement session_lake scranton-9engagement session_lake scranton-10engagement session_lake scranton-11engagement session_lake scranton-12engagement session_lake scranton-13engagement session_lake scranton-14engagement session_lake scranton-15engagement session_lake scranton-16engagement session_lake scranton-17engagement session_lake scranton-18engagement session_lake scranton-19engagement session_lake scranton-20engagement session_lake scranton-21engagement session_lake scranton-22

NEPA Newborn Session {Joey}

These tiny babies, only 14 days old, run the whole show during a newborn session! If they are unhappy or fussy, or not willing to settle down into a deep sleep for at least 10 minutes (heck, I’d take two minutes!) despite the 75 degree section of studio we’ve heated, lavender lotion, patting, being fed by mama, and anything else we can think of…, then we just do the best we can and shoot while mama is trying to comfort them. Fortunately, we cover this all beforehand, so everyone knows what “may” happen (but secretly hopes it doesn’t)! So, even in these “look peaceful like he is sleeping” photos, Joey wasn’t really settled (we did wonder if he is stubborn, like his dad, ha, ha). But I keep shooting, and we get images that can never again be recaptured (like the image I love and call “adoration” with Joey and his four siblings), and we celebrate life and God’s gift of babies! Enjoy the images, but you won’t find my usual “sleeping newborn” photos in this session…because this is Joey’s story!newborn photographynewborn-photography-4newborn-photography-5newborn-photography-9newborn-photography-13newborn-photography-17newborn-photography-16newborn-photography-18newborn-photography-20newborn-photography-22newborn-photography-54