Our Sessions start at $125.00 {Toddler}, $150.00 {Family} and $200.00 {Newborn} and up. We capture life in its beautiful imperfection as we try to showcase your family’s personality and style (we talk with you via phone or email, and also have you fill out a questionnaire that helps us ‘get to know you’ before your shoot).

We offer Senior, Maternity, Family, Newborn, and Toddler & Beyond Sessions, and our specialty, Engagement Photography and Wedding Photography. We have pricing and all the details available if you call Kay at 570.267.7083 or email for complete pricing lists.

FINE ART CANVASES:  We highly recommend our Canvas Gallery Wraps for any of your portraits, and we also offer a selection of “Photo~Art” canvases (nature & landscapes) with classic texture and a distinctive artistic look, ready to be displayed as beautiful wall hangings in your home. Ask us about them today!




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