Editing Images with Pretty Presets

As a photographer…as a human…choices are endless, right?!  Just look at how many coffee drinks you can pick from! Emails and ads giving you choices, asking you to buy products, and telling you what you “need” are endless! And things on your to do list “seem” endless {hey, I need a coffee!} So, in the editing process, finding something that helps cut down on my time in front of the computer, making this perfectionist photog more effective, and giving me the look I want for my images is a time-saver and something I want to share! I use the editing program, Lightroom, which I love as a wedding photog editing lots of images. And I also love Pretty Presets {take a look}. These basically are collections of “adjustments” that you add to your images to get the look you want. So instead of manually making adjustments to every image, I hover over a “preset”, see the adjustments it would make, and then apply it to an image {or 20, at once!}. I love Pretty Presets and have some favorites I use to get my own look. I don’t use every preset in every collection–in fact, I probably only have 2-3 presets I use from each collection that give me the look I want, but it is a great time-saver and I love them and encourage you to give them a try. So…do I want to make every change manually? brightness/contrast/bring up highlights/increase blacks/sharpen? or do I want to pick a favorite preset, apply to my images and then tweak if needed? Take a look to see some of the BEFORE and AFTER images below using some of my favorite Pretty Presets {disclaimer–getting your manual settings right “in camera” makes for much easier editing and use of presets}: presets used include golden age/sassy/tutti fruity/all in one cleaner/boho chic/sherbet-from different collectionspretty presets (1)pretty presets (1)bpretty presets (2)pretty presets (2)bpretty presets (3)pretty presets (3)bpretty presets (4)pretty presets (4)bpretty presets (5)pretty presets (5)bpretty presets (6)pretty presets (6)bpretty presets (7)pretty presets (7)b


NEPA Venue {Pine Hill Farm}

Barns are great, and for wedding photographers and engaged couples the past few years, they are the best! Each barn offers a lot of character and each one is different. And they are the perfect place for a rustic and beautiful wedding, with the bride and groom giving the venue it’s own personalized touch by the decor they choose to set up. This former dairy barn with hand cut post and beams in Pleasant Mount, PA, converted into a wedding venue fairly recently by the dairy farmer himself (Mark) and his wife (Sue), does not disappoint! Take a look at the photos (credit to my assistant/daughter, Talia) and see what you think and make sure you drool over the handmade wagon wheel light. And as the owners and hosts gear up to book the 2018 season, Mark is starting to handcraft tables for the 200 plus person space that will be the perfect setting for the vintage, pinterest-y wedding of your dreams! Check out Pine Hill Farm’s facebook page here! And if you need a photographer to go along with that barn, check out PS Impressions website here. I am only twenty minutes away and have camera…will meet you there!pine hill farm venue-14pine hill farm-1pine hill farm-1bpine hill farm-2pine hill farm-2bpine hill farm-3pine hill farm-3bpine hill farm-3cpine hill farm-3dpine hill farm-3epine hill farm-6pine hill farm-7

NEPA Stylized Boho Session

Time wears many names, and as a Wedding Photographer, time wears the name flexibility, creativity (rain, wind, cold!), managing stress (your own and everyone else’s), and wonderful images no matter what the conditions and lighting! So, I love stylized shoots in my ‘down time’, just because I can control the settings, certainly much more than during a wedding! I put the outfits together, I use props, which I typically don’t use in my other photography, I am picky about time of day, and have specific places and posing that I am anxious to try. In other words, time wears the name relaxed anticipation and I have time to get exactly the images I am looking for. Time is freedom, and that allows me to be the most creative, artistic version of myself and get beautiful images of my client as well. See what you think!bohemian shootbohemian shootbohemian shootbohemian shootbohemian shootbohemian shootbohemian shootbohemian shootbohemian shootbohemian shootboho-40boho-56boho-62boho-64boho-81boho-82boho-84boho-87boho-92bohemian shoot

Night to Shine

Last night truly was a “Night to Shine” for those with special needs. The volunteers who helped make the night possible also were shining with love and joy as they served, whether it was on the dance floor, in the styling salon, serving food, or helping with flowers, karaoke, limo rides, and balloon creations. The Tim Tebow Fondation sponsored the event which took place in 48 states and eight countries, and Parker Hill Community Church, Dickson City, was privileged to be part of this. We believe “every 1 matters” and it was a great way to show that to our community. I was blessed to be there as part of the “paparazzi,” welcoming everyone on the red carpet with lots of flash photography, and I loved watching everyone having such a great time. It was evident that so much work, as well as donations of time and service, went into this event, and it was great to photograph everyone having such a wonderful, heart-warming time on one of the coldest evenings of the year!


The Remembering Zachary Project

A photographer friend asked a group of us to consider helping mom (Chrissy) and family of Zachary, a little boy who lost his life at the hands of a child abuser at just 14 months of age a number of years ago. The idea was simple: do something to remember Zachary’s life~an act of kindness to celebrate the impact a life, however short-lived, can have on others! We chose to honor a military family whose husband just returned from deployment in Afghanistan. Abigail was born just a few weeks before Justin went overseas, and Sarah raised their baby for a year before Justin was able to return home to them. In honor of their sacrifice, and also to honor Zachary’s family, we donated this family shoot to the Huse’s. Click the link http://www.rememberingzacharyproject.com/heroes to find out more, and look for the “Zachary’s Heroes” postcard in little Abigail’s hand in a few of the pictures. Here’s to you Chrissy, your family, and remembering Zachary!  ~KayImageImageImageImageImageImage

Girl with a Camera in Europe!

Just back from an amazing trip to Europe…and I saw firsthand why London, Paris, and Rome are so compelling to photograph! A whirlwind tour resulted in four (typed) pages of landmarks I saw, photographed, and learned the history of!  Four hotels and an overnight train, bus, tube, plane, boat, taxi, and lots of walking…all in 10 days. Maybe I’m crazy, but I am still smiling from the excitement and experience of it all! My camera malfunctioned the second day, and since that was the only thing I really wanted to pack (who needs clothes?), it was a big problem. Harrods in London took care of that…and off I went with a new camera, since I couldn’t run home and grab one of my other ones. So, these are really expensive pictures from a girl with a camera, and I hope you enjoy them and plan a trip to Europe yourself soon! ImageImageImageImage

Best Ever Pudding Cake!

The nice thing about a photography blog is that I can take a picture of anything that catches my eye and write about it. Today was going to be a recipe for the best-ever pudding cake along with a few photos to make you drool, run immediately to your kitchen, and start baking! Well, I have searched high and low for that recipe, even pulled out my oven and found avocado spread hiding behind it (the recipe, of course), but no sign of that recipe for chocolate-y goodness. But, since I cannot leave you with that, I will leave you with a quote…”Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: It is the time for home” (Edith Sitwell, British poet). I would love it if you send me one of YOUR favorite recipes for comfort food. I am going back to search through the rest of my kitchen now…hope you have a great day! (later note–found my recipe…the one below is just like mine, but add 1 c semi-sweet choc. chips to the batter as well. Hey, you can never have enough chocolate.) Let me know what you think!


pudding cake-1 pudding cake-3

Top 10 Lists

lists-1-3I am thinking “lists”…because I have been reading some good ones lately. I help publish a women’s newsletter and we asked ten ladies to write random lists of ten and title them creatively. The lists were as different as the ladies themselves; awesome, encouraging, helpful, and funny. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I am including a few ‘list’ links (below) for you as well. And…maybe you can make one of your own…it could be anything from “10 blessings I can think of in 10 seconds”, “12 ways my children make me laugh”, “10 ways to ‘wow’ my husband”, or “20 ways to remember where I put my list!” So get your paper and pen and give it a try. Your list may make you laugh, remember something worth remembering, or compel you to try something new! Happy Valentine’s Day from Kay and Kim at PS Impressions Photography!

102 Little Things That Say I Love You

Date Night Ideas

Giving Thanks, no matter what…

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

II Thessalonians 5:16-18

What does it mean to truly be thankful, and how can we give thanks in all circumstances?  Those questions are not easily answered. This Thanksgiving holiday, whether we are in the midst of many wonderful things, or a season of challenges or change, choosing to focus on our many blessings can truly make this holiday season a special one. And for all of our immediate family members around the globe who are not able to celebrate with us this year, we love you, miss you, pray for you, and are very thankful for you all!


Vacation, woo hoo!

Vacations have a way of coming around when you need them most!  I don’t know how it works, especially scheduling them months before, but it does.  And I am grateful to be packing my bags, doing a last minute blog post, and leaving my cares behind (wait, I’m taking my children with me).  So, in honor of relaxing, bonding with family, watching sunrises and sunsets, and all the things we find time to do or choose NOT to do on vacation…here’s a few pics. Start packing!ImageImageImage