Newborn Session | Baby Autumn

This sweet family, who has gone through some difficult times with some health issues, kindly welcomed me into their home to move their furniture around, bribe their kiddos to sit where I wanted them to, and worried about their tiny baby girl who suddenly didn’t want to sleep for hours (yes, it happens all the time in newborn shoots). Fortunately they like to read stories together, so we got the busy little guy interested and ‘in’ the shots at least, and got some beautiful and realistic images of them as a family, doing what they like to do.

At the end of the day, it is delightful to see the images that we, as photographers, are able to capture, to remember the people and stories behind them, and to forget about all the hard lighting, the bribing, and the fast thinking that it took to get those images. But most of all, it is gratifying to know that this family will enjoy the story of their busy, crazy, but blessed lives at this moment in time.   newborn session_autumn-1newborn session_autumn-2newborn session_autumn-3newborn session_autumn-4newborn session_autumn-4bnewborn session_autumn-5newborn session_autumn-5bnewborn session_autumn-6newborn session_autumn-6-3newborn session_autumn-7newborn session_autumn-8newborn session_autumn-9newborn session_autumn-11newborn session_autumn-12anewborn session_autumn-12bnewborn session_autumn-13newborn session_autumn-14


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