NEPA Engagement at Lake Scranton {Natalie+Bill}

Add an adorable, fluff-ball golden-doodle, surprisingly well-behaved, to an engagement shoot and that adds up to some great images and a lot of fun! Our engagement session at Lake Scranton with Natalie and Bill, who came with “Dunkin” (the puppy) and lots of props to use was an adventure in itself, because we did not know a few minor details about the area until we got there. But everyone being good sports, we went ahead, shot lots of pictures, got lots of bug bites, and had a great time at a beautiful location! Looking forward to shooting your wedding, and wishing you guys all the best as you finish up the details (that Natalie has mostly finished!). And…a shout out to Natalie’s dad–because when you are “puppy-sitting”–you have time to look around and think of some more fun shots to end the session with, LOL.engagement session_lake scranton-1engagement session_lake scranton-2engagement session_lake scranton-3engagement session_lake scranton-5engagement session_lake scranton-6engagement session_lake scranton-7engagement session_lake scranton-8engagement session_lake scranton-9engagement session_lake scranton-10engagement session_lake scranton-11engagement session_lake scranton-12engagement session_lake scranton-13engagement session_lake scranton-14engagement session_lake scranton-15engagement session_lake scranton-16engagement session_lake scranton-17engagement session_lake scranton-18engagement session_lake scranton-19engagement session_lake scranton-20engagement session_lake scranton-21engagement session_lake scranton-22


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