NEPA Venue {Pine Hill Farm}

Barns are great, and for wedding photographers and engaged couples the past few years, they are the best! Each barn offers a lot of character and each one is different. And they are the perfect place for a rustic and beautiful wedding, with the bride and groom giving the venue it’s own personalized touch by the decor they choose to set up. This former dairy barn with hand cut post and beams in Pleasant Mount, PA, converted into a wedding venue fairly recently by the dairy farmer himself (Mark) and his wife (Sue), does not disappoint! Take a look at the photos (credit to my assistant/daughter, Talia) and see what you think and make sure you drool over the handmade wagon wheel light. And as the owners and hosts gear up to book the 2018 season, Mark is starting to handcraft tables for the 200 plus person space that will be the perfect setting for the vintage, pinterest-y wedding of your dreams! Check out Pine Hill Farm’s facebook page here! And if you need a photographer to go along with that barn, check out PS Impressions website here. I am only twenty minutes away and have camera…will meet you there!pine hill farm venue-14pine hill farm-1pine hill farm-1bpine hill farm-2pine hill farm-2bpine hill farm-3pine hill farm-3bpine hill farm-3cpine hill farm-3dpine hill farm-3epine hill farm-6pine hill farm-7


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