NEPA Newborn Session {Joey}

These tiny babies, only 14 days old, run the whole show during a newborn session! If they are unhappy or fussy, or not willing to settle down into a deep sleep for at least 10 minutes (heck, I’d take two minutes!) despite the 75 degree section of studio we’ve heated, lavender lotion, patting, being fed by mama, and anything else we can think of…, then we just do the best we can and shoot while mama is trying to comfort them. Fortunately, we cover this all beforehand, so everyone knows what “may” happen (but secretly hopes it doesn’t)! So, even in these “look peaceful like he is sleeping” photos, Joey wasn’t really settled (we did wonder if he is stubborn, like his dad, ha, ha). But I keep shooting, and we get images that can never again be recaptured (like the image I love and call “adoration” with Joey and his four siblings), and we celebrate life and God’s gift of babies! Enjoy the images, but you won’t find my usual “sleeping newborn” photos in this session…because this is Joey’s story!newborn photographynewborn-photography-4newborn-photography-5newborn-photography-9newborn-photography-13newborn-photography-17newborn-photography-16newborn-photography-18newborn-photography-20newborn-photography-22newborn-photography-54


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