Night to Shine

Last night truly was a “Night to Shine” for those with special needs. The volunteers who helped make the night possible also were shining with love and joy as they served, whether it was on the dance floor, in the styling salon, serving food, or helping with flowers, karaoke, limo rides, and balloon creations. The Tim Tebow Fondation sponsored the event which took place in 48 states and eight countries, and Parker Hill Community Church, Dickson City, was privileged to be part of this. We believe “every 1 matters” and it was a great way to show that to our community. I was blessed to be there as part of the “paparazzi,” welcoming everyone on the red carpet with lots of flash photography, and I loved watching everyone having such a great time. It was evident that so much work, as well as donations of time and service, went into this event, and it was great to photograph everyone having such a wonderful, heart-warming time on one of the coldest evenings of the year!



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