What to do when it rains on your wedding day!

As photographers, we have seen rain on a wedding day that has only a 10% chance of showers (fifteen minutes before the start time). When that happens, what do you do when you have a beautiful outdoor ceremony planned? Here are our suggestions from going through it on this side of the lens:

  • You always have a backup plan, even if you are an eternal optimist!
  • You need someone else to make the call (someone checking the weather patterns, with a little clearer head than you have at this disappointing moment).
  • You make the best of it, and all your friends grab everything they can and move it to the new location.
  • You have an emotional, and very beautiful ceremony anyway, even if it starts twenty minutes late.
  • Your photographers frantically think through all the changes in sites, how to take the outdoor pictures they still want, and convince the bride and groom that this is great, and that we will get awesome pictures anyway.
  • And, it works…because you all make the best of it! Check out these pictures of a rainy day wedding, and notice the raindrops, because they will bring back memories of the bride & groom’s special day, rain included!

gown bride The bride hid out in the limo while it rained and the decision was made.bubbles umbrella umbrella reception rainy weddingIt finally stopped raining when the reception was over!


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