Bridal Party Do’s & Don’ts

As photographers, we have seen a lot of weddings, and most certainly some “things to do” and “things to avoid”,  so here’s a little list for the bridal party to help make the wedding day go a bit smoother…

Do be on time, have everything you need, and get your hair, jewelry, makeup, and clothing on (ahead of schedule would be great!) so you can help the bride get dressed and be ready for pictures. Don’t sit around…help her with whatever she needs (cut tags off her gown, find her shoes, find the flowers, etc) She doesn’t need additional stress while she is trying to look beautiful on HER day!  Don’t complain…reassure her and focus on her. Guys–it’s easier for you, but help the groom out by being on time and just be helpful if he needs anything. Be a friend…that’s why you are in his wedding.

Do be fun and crazy, and show your love to the bride and groom, because this is their day, and they want to look back on the pictures and see you enjoying their celebration (even if you are uncomfortable, continually pulling your dress in place, or worried about how you look). Make THEM look good!  Don’t try to hide or complain about the photos (slowing things down). We realize most people don’t like their picture taken, but you can give it an effort and the pictures will show everyone enjoying an amazing day, and the memories will be sweeter! It’s not about YOU (until it’s your own wedding day) and really, most everyone looks better with a smile on their face! bridal party-1bridal partybridal partybridal partybridal partybridal partybridal party



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