I found out recently that what I’ve been told about grandparenting is true…it is great, and is a lot less stressful than parenting! I am not the parent so I can let a few things slide in the eating department (I don’t have to stuff those veggies in and clamp his mouth shut), in the potty training department (if he’s three and still wearing diapers, that’s not a problem for me). Hey, we can afford diapers now that our kids are through college and on their own. And I can let the housework slide for a few days while we play together because I don’t get to see my grandbaby enough! Don’t get me wrong, I loved being a parent and raising my kids (well, the majority of the time anyway), but getting to enjoy a grandbaby without all the added responsibility–that’s the best! ~Kaytoddler toddler toddler toddler toddler




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