The Remembering Zachary Project

A photographer friend asked a group of us to consider helping mom (Chrissy) and family of Zachary, a little boy who lost his life at the hands of a child abuser at just 14 months of age a number of years ago. The idea was simple: do something to remember Zachary’s life~an act of kindness to celebrate the impact a life, however short-lived, can have on others! We chose to honor a military family whose husband just returned from deployment in Afghanistan. Abigail was born just a few weeks before Justin went overseas, and Sarah raised their baby for a year before Justin was able to return home to them. In honor of their sacrifice, and also to honor Zachary’s family, we donated this family shoot to the Huse’s. Click the link to find out more, and look for the “Zachary’s Heroes” postcard in little Abigail’s hand in a few of the pictures. Here’s to you Chrissy, your family, and remembering Zachary!  ~KayImageImageImageImageImageImage


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