Girl with a Camera in Europe!

Just back from an amazing trip to Europe…and I saw firsthand why London, Paris, and Rome are so compelling to photograph! A whirlwind tour resulted in four (typed) pages of landmarks I saw, photographed, and learned the history of!  Four hotels and an overnight train, bus, tube, plane, boat, taxi, and lots of walking…all in 10 days. Maybe I’m crazy, but I am still smiling from the excitement and experience of it all! My camera malfunctioned the second day, and since that was the only thing I really wanted to pack (who needs clothes?), it was a big problem. Harrods in London took care of that…and off I went with a new camera, since I couldn’t run home and grab one of my other ones. So, these are really expensive pictures from a girl with a camera, and I hope you enjoy them and plan a trip to Europe yourself soon! ImageImageImageImage


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