Story of Snow, a Wedding, and History

We shot a winter wedding in the middle of a snowstorm, and although things can get treacherous, (driving, walking, frozen fingers while taking detail shots outside in the snow…) I still enjoy it. So, after talking the bride and groom into “just let us take a few pics outside because you will love them even though you’re freezing”…and getting the bridal party locked out of the church in their gowns and suits, and taking the bride down for some ‘first glimpse’ pictures and running into the groom (except it was his twin brother, whew!), we got some lovely pictures. And the 150 year old church was gorgeous with its French neo-Gothic architecture, and Tiffany, LaFarge and DeAscenzo stained glass windows, and intricate mosaic tiled floor (which they found after ripping out the green carpeting covering it). The challenges, the beauty, real life and relationships–that is why we do what we do–and love telling the story!



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