Top 10 Lists

lists-1-3I am thinking “lists”…because I have been reading some good ones lately. I help publish a women’s newsletter and we asked ten ladies to write random lists of ten and title them creatively. The lists were as different as the ladies themselves; awesome, encouraging, helpful, and funny. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I am including a few ‘list’ links (below) for you as well. And…maybe you can make one of your own…it could be anything from “10 blessings I can think of in 10 seconds”, “12 ways my children make me laugh”, “10 ways to ‘wow’ my husband”, or “20 ways to remember where I put my list!” So get your paper and pen and give it a try. Your list may make you laugh, remember something worth remembering, or compel you to try something new! Happy Valentine’s Day from Kay and Kim at PS Impressions Photography!

102 Little Things That Say I Love You

Date Night Ideas


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