I have a friend, Nancy, who I have known for a long time. She coached soccer for many years as a volunteer at our small, private school. We loved the fact that she taught our girls–not so much about soccer or being competitive, but about God, doing what was right, and that she cared about them. She and her family found out recently that she has a rare, aggressive form of cancer, and she is starting her treatments right away. I was privileged to do a shoot with Nancy’s family as they came in for the weekend.  Family is a blessing during times like these, and our prayers are with these dear people as they travel the road ahead!ImageImageImage


6 thoughts on “Nancy

  1. What a touching tribute to Nancy and her family. We’ve been praying for the Wescott family, and we know God has a greater plan for our lives than we sometimes understand. We love you, Nancy!


  2. Nancy was my soccer coach and we now attend the same church. She is always smiling. These pictures of this godly family are terrific. Nancy, Wescotts and Rowlands, I am praying for you during this journey. May God bless you all!


  3. “Be Strong and of good courage…” saith the LORD We are praying for you Nancy and your family! Love you lots!


  4. You area very Special couple. I am praying for you. Love the pictures of your precious family….know I’m praying for them too. I love you, Peggy


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