Little bubbly blonde!

This cute, bubbly, blonde-headed girl came out to the country for a photo shoot one beautiful day this past summer.  Ally walked the fields with me, picking flowers, watching frogs jump, and the highlight of her day…seeing the horses by the barn.  She loves to read, to run and play, to pick on her brother, and to smile her beautiful smile!  Her eyes almost close when she smiles, which makes it a little difficult for the photographer, but worthwhile, as you can ally-2-1 Proof 9--20 (188)


2 thoughts on “Little bubbly blonde!

  1. Such beautiful pictures of my Ally Grace! ❤ Thank you Kay! I love how you commented on her eyes. We call them 'moon eyes', because they are crescent shaped when she smiles. She inherited them from her Grandmother (my Mom). Thanks again for the beautiful pictures of my little girl. She's not so little anymore, but at least I have pictures of her to forever remember all she was at age 7.


  2. Beautiful! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!! 🙂 Love the write-up and can only add that I was easily able to envision the two of you walking though the property! Lovely.


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