Spring & Babies!

Today I looked at the calendar, and realized it is SPRING!  All the snow outside and the cold temperatures did not tell me that, but the date did.  Spring is one of my favorite seasons, mostly because it symbolizes hope to me!  Hope that the hard winter is over, hope that the warmth is soon to come, hope that “flowers appear, and the singing of birds is heard.” (Song of Songs 2:12)  I breathe a sigh of relief that we have made it through the cold season once more in NEPA…that once more the geese will return, trees will bud, and God will make things new!

And…speaking of “new”…here are a few photos from a shoot I did with my newly born grand-baby, Jamieson.  He came into the world only ten days ago, and won our hearts from first glimpse, as babies do.  He is one of the most contented babies I have seen …only crying when he has to get his bath or have his diaper changed. His mom and dad are in love with him!  Well, enjoy the pictures…and enjoy spring!ImageImageImage


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